A little history about how "The Fish Net" got started.

The Fish Net Started in 1987 as a hobby of mine as a
bulletin board. In those Days Bulletin Boards were big
as a way to commuicate with other people by calling in
and you could leave mail, play online games, download files
and many other things that were fun for people.
With the Internet coming around and getting larger all the time
I decided that in November of 1999 it was time to take it down
and just make my page here on the Net called The Fish Net, of which
I have been working on since around 1995 or so.
The board was fun and a long time project in my life, since 1987 and
will miss the people and all the enjoyment from it.
It was nice to meet all the fine people from it.
Those of you that used to be on it can still get to me on here.

Revised: December 16, 2008.

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