My Truck that is made of Aluminum
Weight is around 10 1/2 pounds

Truck Sold June 2003

I bought a lot of the aluminum parts, but many as in bumper mounts, body mounts and many
other things I fabricated out of 6061 aluminum.

(Click on Pictures below to see in 640x480 size for more detail)

  Chassis showing the Ritter Pipe on it

  Front end of truck

  Close up of the front end and the suspension parts

  Showing the middles section and skid

  Rear suspension on truck

  Showing the battery and fuel tank side of truck

  Full shot of truck from side

  Top shot of truck showing where you put the electric start

  Showing the truck from the left side with tank and battery case

  Front showing the body mount bar with lightning holes

  Close up of the front body mount

  Looking at the right side, with Ritter Pipe, and Motor Saver Air Filter

How much clearance the truck has, all 3 wheels are on the ground. 20oz Gatorade