FG MT5 Monster Truck

My Lastest Project of which I have started the middle of June 2005 is a FG Monster Truck

Sorry, but I didn't keep this long. Michael at FG Performance RC sold his place and kind of
scared me about trying to find parts down the road. He was a good guy and was sorry to
see him sell his place.

I never even got to break the truck in after putting it together, but I can say that FG does make a
nice truck and good parts, (just a bit over priced)

I have a lot planned for this, and will start out with just a few shots after taking it apart
before I install Stainless Steel screws through out the truck.

Spur Gear, Pinion Gear Mesh Problems
A question I have been seeing more and more and people looking for an answer
Maybe the following will help you out
Sizes and why I find things don't Mesh up

(Click on pics below to see in a large form)

Front end showing shocks and "A" armes and shock Towers.

Rear Of Truck showing the diff, Sway Bar, Shocks and mounts

Body showing it beside a Savage body, this is 1/10 scale verses 1/6

Gas tank and Carb

Battery Pack I made up for the radio receiver and servos. This is a 3000 GP Pack

Zenoah RC260 26cc Motor with Crazy Nut Spur carrier and Metal gears

Showing the intake where I cleaned it up a bit for fuel to flow

Exhaust port and a little cleaning up on it also

These were Pictures of the Truck as I had it when I was getting it ready to sell


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