April 29, 2006 Hobby Town

It was the first day at Hobby Town racing at the VRE lot in 2006. This was kind of a test and tune session and didn't count for points.
I ran in the Monster truck class and the Stadium truck class.
We had about 10 Monster trucks and the Savage ran pretty good. I won all the heat races and the main, and took some time to get used to things, as this was the first time I had raced this year, but all went well with it.
In the stadium truck this was the first time for me to run the T4 trucks. I was playing with the plastic one in practice and tried to hop back over the barriers and broke a A-Arm, so I had to go to my Brushless Graphite truck.
It seem to run good in practice but when I went to the first heat race it wouldn't steer at all, and seem to have a mind of its own, glitching all over the place and running off course. In the second heat race I got hit by Jason at the end of the straight and it tore a end ball cup off, so I had to put new RPM one on for the main. It did seem to handle better in the second heat, as I took the synthesized module out of the radio and went back to the crystal one, and it acted much like it did in my old TC3 cars with a HRS receiver, so maybe it has something to do with the graphite chassis, (don't know why, as it should just be something to set the channel with)
I did ok in the Main, Jason had forgotten to put a new battery in and dumped and I won the main, and it felt pretty good in that one.
Was a good day, in the mid 70's and learned a lot, so will just this to try to improve next week.