Jammin CRT Truck

This was a truck that I got at the end of the 2006 season, and was in hopes to run it a few times
but they cut things short, and might not get to run it at all in this second session of races.

It is a off-road truck, of which is set up real soft with the suspension, but I will work on it over the
Winter and hope to make a few additions to it to get it so it will handle the way my BIG Savage
Truck does.

I have gone over it as you will see in the pictures below, but mainly the only thing right now I have added to it is the Maximizer 17mm Wheels and the Panther slicks to run on Asphalt.

If by chance we don't do any races in 2007, I will convert it back to run on dirt, and maybe find
a few places that I can go race some dirt.

Some of the items that are in the truck now
-JP Mod .21 Engine, might be a bit tired
-JP1 Pipe, of which feels like it needs more top end, this is a Low-Mid pipe and only has a single speed
-Maximizer 17 MM Beadlock wheels
-Panther Slicks
-Most everything else is stock, or Jammin parts
-I have plans to make some braces and other things to reinforce the strength

(Click on the pictures below to see larger size)

Pictures with the body on it, looks like a Spider

Engine and Drive Train

Suspension and Chassis Shots

These are pictures of the VRE lot by the Manassas Airport where we race
Size when setup is about 160x75' so it is a good size

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