This was a truck that I should have waited until they came out with the SS18 kit to get, as I ended up rebuilding
or replacing just about everything on the truck. I tried to make it like the Savage truck I drive, as I like the way it
handles and it is easy to drive.
This is my Winter 2004 Project truck to run in the 2005 season, so I am in no hurry on it, as I have been in the past

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The Beginning of the truck and tearing ALL up on it.
How I started out with the truck and end up tearing all up on it. (What a waste of a good truck)

Steering link Mods
I didn't like the standard steering setup, as it has no built in servo saver like many trucks, or buggies use.
I ended up making this out of different HPI kits and it is adjustable with the spring, so you don't have to use
a servo saver on the servo, as I have found these to be WAY too weak

Fuel Tank Mods
I ended up using a Ofna Tank on the truck, as I have had good luck with them before and it gave it a little
more fuel capacity. Had to move all around on the chassis for it to fit and grind a few things away.

2 Speed Transmission

Drive Train Mods
I put all the hardened gears in the front and rear diffs, and shimmed all up and used "O" Rings so I could use
rear end fluids rather then using grease.
I do have to say this is a expensive mod, as you have to change ALL to the old MT trucks, as the MT2 uses
larger driveshafts and the dogbones are a little large where they go into the ends.
Installed are driveshafts with CVDs, and took the dog bones out.

A-Arms and CV shafts
All of the dog bones have been replaced and went with CV joints to try to free things up some.

Engine is a stock 15 with little power

Servos and linkages
I made up linkages to help the throttle and brake be a little more responsive.
Used a HiTec 5625 Servo for the Steering and Brake

Steering Servo and Receiver
I went with the same receiver I have been running in all of my other trucks and a few cars, as it works well.
Have a HiTec 5645 Digital Servo for the Steering

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