April 18, 2004 at Olde Towne

What a day. Summer got here all at once, it was in the mid 80's and track temps were nearly 130. Lots of traction. They had to move track down and it was a drivers course, real technical which was good.
I started out with the TC3 but every time it would get to a certain point on the track it would go nuts and out of control. I think there has to be something wrong with the Futaba HRS receiver, as everything else I have the Novak in works fine, so will put one in it for next week and try again. Need to go down in gearing also, as it felt real flat and I went from a 25 to a 26, so will go back down.
The E-Maxx with the new Gorilla Chassis wasn't bad. Handled pretty good for a first time out. Ran 12 laps, which was 4th best and Tony had 14. His truck was handling well today. I ran a 18/66 gear and motor was about 200 and ran the full 5 minutes on junk 3000 packs. changed to a 20/66 and thought I would try running in low gear, but it was in high, very fast, but thermalled out at about 4 minute mark, 230 on motor temp, and stripped a rear wheel out, so had only front wheel drive.
I ended up running my T-Maxx with the Picco 21 in it, and it only qualified with 11 laps. When it came time to start the Mains Mark was helping me and it wouldn't keep running, just wouldn't clean out kept sounding like it was loading up. Finally about 7 laps into the race I got started and was catching up, but was way to far back. Then towards the end it kept having problems like it had a fuel delivery problem, or something was wrong with it. So I ended up finishing 5th place, with
1 - Tony Matusic
2 - Josh Spence
3 -
4 - Thomas Hahn
5 - Jeff Fischer
6 - Robert Spence
7 - Lee Rader
and so on
Was a good day, and learn more each time, and hope to get the Nitro truck fixed this week so it will run right.