April 25, 2005 Olde Towne

Day started out looking like rain, and only got to the low 60's if that high. Never did rain, but they only ran 2 qualifiers. I ran the T-Maxx and it ran ok, but when it got over to the trailer I cut the radio off, thinking that it was off and it took off, and stuck itself under my differental in my van, breaking fins on the head, motor mount bolts, messing the body up, and in general messing it up pretty good. Got Arvin to climb under the van to pull it out. I ran the Gorilla-Maxx in the next qualifier and think I qualified 4th overall and started that way in the Main, and knew the Electric truck wouldn't go a full 10 minutes and they cut it to 8, thinking it was going to rain, and it only lasted about 6 1/2 minutes I died on the last two laps and DNF. It was fast though and felt pretty good and think I will gear it down a little more next week.
Running the TC3 something was wrong with the Diffs, or thrust bearings or something, as it would slip and I would have to feather the throttle to get things to hook up. Was doing good in the main with another guy and was leading, changing back and forth with him and on the last lap he got around me on the infield and I thought I could pass him on the backstretch, but the motor wouldn't hook up and he beat me by about 3 seconds. I ended up 2nd in Electric car and he TQed, and I finished 4th in the Trucks, with Tony 1st, Robert Spence 2nd, 3rd wasn't sure and me in 4th.
Learn more each time I run.
I also charged and ran all off of my inverter in the trailer to see if it would last the day rather then running my generator.