August 12, 2006 - Hobby Town Manassas

It was a nice day, in the lower 80's. The truck felt pretty good with the new engine in it, and thought it was going to run pretty good for the day. Well about 10 laps into the 1st qualifier it flamed out, and when I checked it, acted like the transmission had a problem with it, so I went to the old big buggy. Ended up with Jason getting the TQ and the win and I finished 2nd in the main.

In stadium the truck felt pretty good, but Jason was just faster then Gil and myself. Not sure if it is the 7 cells or what, but he is sure getting more speed, and a better time. He won the  Main and TQed also. Gil came in second and I ended up in third. Gil and myself got together right at the start of the main an Jason was off and we couldn't catch him.

Stadium broke a front left A-Arm in the first qualifier, and I had to fix that, and think I need to do a rebuild on the shocks, as it doesn't feel like the dampening is very good.

See how the truck runs this week, and hope it will run ok for next week.