August 19, 2006 - Hobby Town Manassas

Temps were higher then were called for. High 80's to Low 90's and humid. I didn't have good luck at all. I thought the Savage Truck was going to run ok, but flamed out in each qualifier, and in the Main. Ended up starting 5 and think I finished 5th after it having to be restarted two or three times by Jason, as he broke a wheel and couldn't race the main.

In Stadium truck I didn't do much better. Jason took the TQ and won the Main. I started second and Gil and myself got together at the end of the straight so I knew there was no way to catch Jason. We are GOING to have to stop getting together, as this is taking me out of each race, but don't know what the answer is.

Not a very productive day, but hope to do better, off next week, so have some time to work on the Monster truck