August 28, 2004, Hobby Town Manassas

It was a pretty good day for what I guess should have been the first of the 2nd Half of Summer Season.
Temps were in the high 80's, to low 90's and was humid. The truck ran pretty good and we had a few new people in the truck class. Glen was there but got called out to work and his motor in his truck died, so he wouldn't have run. I did pretty good in both heat races, ran just under 17 laps for my best in 5:03. This was a new course and was 150x75 or so a little smaller then before. I ended up winning in the Monster truck class with temps on the engine at 175 or so in the heats and took it easier inthe main and ran around 145-150 in the main and it ran good and idled good. Only thing I can say after making the mods to the tanks is it wants to hydro lock in the beginning after cutting off, so have to loosen the plug up, then tighten before race.
In the Electric touring class I think we had about 6 or so people. The one car felt real loose and I had it set up with 42 front and 40 rears, so took them off and went back to 37 all the way around and it tightened it up some. In the first heat race I drove my first TC3 and it thermaled out, so thought it was because it always did then, so in the second race ran the newer car and it did it also. In the main I ran a old body with holes in the fron and back windows and made the whole race, and finished 2nd behind Adrian Clements won the race with Jason Deforest right behind me. Need to get a few good sets of tires together as they seem to make a big difference in how things handle.
Good day for the most part, and truck ran and felt good.