August 7, 2004 Hobby Town Manassas

It was a nice day today at the track, in the high 70's. I had a new OS motor in the truck, so I was still breaking it in and all was set rich. This is a pull start engine, so a little harder to get used to, but think I will get used to it. Truck ran pretty good  and handled a lot better then it had in the past, so I think I will be able to keep up with Glen. Lee came today and ran a Revo, of which was pretty darn fast for a stock truck. I did ok in the heat races and finished second to Glen in the main, as I went into the first corner was going to pass him, but wanted to do it clean and shot over the end, then by the time I jumped back onto the track was about 1/2 lap down and could never make it up. I came across line right at the 5 minute mark and he got another lap as he was just under it by about 2 to 3 seconds.

I the electric touring class I ended up running both cars. First Heat I ran my older car with the spool in the front and it seemed MUCH easier to handle, not sure it it was because it was under powered or what. (I went a lap down I think, as the body was hitting and I pitted to get Glen to cut it off) Second heat went to run and switch was stuck so went to my other car with the stronger motor, and finished pretty good. In the main I started second, but my gut had a ton of spasms and seemed every time that would happen I would screw up with the car.

This was the last day of the first Summer Season, and I finished Second in the Monster Truck with Glean winning and I won the Electric touring class. I will have to step up for the second part of the Summer season if I am going to do anything.