February 29, 2004

First time out this year with my E-Maxx and TC3 I built over the Winter. The E-Maxx handled great, but was SLOW with the stock 23 turn motors in it, so going to have to get some brushless for it if I am going to do anything at all.

I ran the TC3 for the first time and wasn't too bad, but had a lot of drift in corners and hope it was due to the asphalt being so cold. Ran both around to center the servos up, since they had not been out on the asphalt. The TC3 felt strong with the Novak Brushless in it and think it is going to do ok, once I get used to it and get it set up.

Didn't run much on the track, as I think when it flipped it broke, or put a crack in the left rear hub carrier, and bent the shock bolt on the bottom, but don't think it bent the shock shaft, so I think it must have done it on a flip.

Hope to work more on trailer this week so I can get all setup in it so I can charge things and carry them easier.

The new engine for the T-Maxx is suppose to come in tomorrow.

Mark Unrath was breaking his new MTX3 in and and it looks REAL strong for a new motor, running about 125 degrees and still sounded good. Thing is going to scream when he gets it right.