July 10, 2004 Hobby Town Manasssas

It was a warm day today, in the High 80's, Low 90's, so things were running hot.

I ran the TC3 in the Electric touring class and did pretty good with it. Finished 1st with it, after I could finally find a few points to try to mark to make turns. Is hard to see even with the track reversed with all the white strips and the white road rails.

I ran the T-Maxx and did pretty good with it. Glen Davis was there and he was driving real well and truck was handling well and got me in both heat races by a lap or so and we took each other out a few times in the main, but waited for the other and we came across the line with him a hair ahead of me. I felt it was only fair as he was sure the faster truck. I need to put some more camber in the front tires, as they were rolling all the way to the outside. One of the shock ends came off in the main so that didn't help matters.

I had the Mini-T and was going to just run it with some Novice Electric class, but on the first turn or so hit something and broke a turnbuckle, of which was suppose to be titanium, which tells me to go with the larger 4-40 style rods that I can get anyplace and use on the TC3

Mark Unrath came and set the most laps but had problems in the main, when he flamed out and by the time he got going again it was too late.

Good day all in all, and learned some more and might have a new TC3 next week to run, think I will get Marks and see if that helps the motor problems I have now with the hessitation and mine, and might but a diff in the front, which should be easier on that track.