July 1, 2006 Hobby Town Manassas

It was in the mid 80's, about the warmest it has been this year. Track was hooking up pretty good. In the stadium class I was pushing things too hard, and making the corners too wide, and in the second heat broke a left front "A" arm, but got one on it before the main. I started 2nd in that race and ended up second.
I need to work more on being patient and not push things so much, some of the fixes I did helped, so I will work on more for it.

In the Monster truck class I was running the new engine, and I fattened it up a little, as I felt it was starving for fuel, and running a bit high on temps when I checked it. Jason TQ'ed, and I ended up winning the race, we both switched back and forth and on about the next to the last lap we were going into the backstraight and I took the inside and he went outside, and went out of bounds, and couldn't catch back up, so I won the Monster Truck.