July 17, 2004 Hobby Town Manassas

Started out as a nice day, and got into the mid to high 80's. I was running 2 classes today, Monster truck and Electric touring.
In the truck class I just can't seem to see as well in a few corners and Glen is picking the time up on me on them, and putting a lap or so all around on me. Maybe I should try changing to some different tires and taking the slicks off and see if that helps. He finished first in trucks, with me second. In the Electric touring Rob Mitchell got me in all of the heat races, of which the first race I had the bumper bend down and lifted the front end up and the ball holder for the camber had come out of the knuckle and was hitting the inside of the wheel, so I had to fix that for the rest of the heats. I did get 11 laps I think in the 1st heat and a lap or so behind in the next, and down by one in the main. He is running a Losi XXX-S with a Novak Brushless and they seem to be a bit more free in rolling and he is getting a hair better lines.

I ran the Mini-T in the Novice electric, not for points and it was cooking and got up to 8 laps and the rear shock screw came out, (I forgot to locktite it) but for the most part I think I could run ok in that class might try it next week. The Mini-T is a handful to drive and you have to think more, since it is only 2wd.

Good race though and had a good day.

Glen Davis also ran 17 laps in Nitro 1/10th about 7 seconds behind what Mark had run.