July 22nd 2006 Hobby Town Manassas  

I didn't think we were going to get to run at all, as they were calling for 40% in the morning and 50% in the afternoon, and I just really wasn't up to it. For some reason I have lost the bug to race, maybe with being off a few weeks in a row did that to me.
Well, I ran the truck on 30% on the new Collari 32 Engine, and it was about 80% humidity outside, and when I went in the backstretch it had a bog, so I richened it up for the first heat race. This was only the 2nd race with it and the Werks Clutch and only going on the 2nd tank of the newer fuel.  It was feeling good the first few laps, then started loosing power. I brought it in and it died, and got Kevin to take it over to the trailer and it was 380 then, so it was hot as hell. I found out the banjo bolt going to the carb had come loose and leaned it out, but the head had also come loose when I got home and took all apart to see how it looked. Didn't feel like it had a lot of compression, but never really did. I cleaned head and all up as good as possible, and took shims out and made sure they were snug and put red locktite on everything, but think I will have to keep an eye on it.

The Stadium truck felt pretty good, I just over drove it, but after the screwup with the other truck, I loaded all up and went home as I couldn't gain or loose any points as it was the last race of the first series, came in first in Monster and 2nd in Stadium to Jason Deforest.

Hope to do better in the second series which should start next week.