July 24, 2004 Hobby Town Manassas

Was a nice cool day, but was suppose to rain and not many showed up, so Jack decided to call it and was going to give the people that were there a extra 50 bonus points to make up for it, rather then just calling it a rain day.

I tried running the truck on both 20 and 30% Elimnator fuel and wouldn't run, so went back to the O'Donnell fuel and it ran fine, so guess I will have to stick with that..

Tried the Newly built TC3 out and felt pretty good, but was a pulling a hair on the back straight and worked on it later and found the steering was not centered up so once I did that I think it will be ok. The New Novak Brushless didn't have the problem like the other one of the strange action like it was slipping or a diff was slipping in the beginning and Hope to gear it a little more. I ran with full bodies on both cars and they neither one thermaled out so that was a good thing without the holes in the body, but it was cool outside, in the mid to hight 70's, or low 80's.

See what we do next week, as I drove Glens truck and found why he was putting the laps on me, that thing was stuck to the track with the tie downs and I put some spacers in the back springs to make them harder and it felt pretty good then, still a bit loose on throttle in corners, but think I can tame some of that out with the Dual rate, as it still feels like it has enough turning.