July 31, 2004 - Hobby Town Manassas

It was a HOT and humid day, well into the 90-95 heat index.
My day was not that great at all. It started out where I couldn't get the truck to run, or hold a tune, and come to find out it was from the week before, or many weeks before this had been happening as I had given Glen Davis some fuel to try and it ran fine in his, but I couldn't get it to run well at al in mine. In each heat race it started to die about half way though and got to the point it wouldn't run at all, and was real hot. I ended up running two heats with it and finished a 2nd and a 3rd in those then in the main I had to run the Mini-T and spun out too much after not driving it all day and getting used to it, but ended up in 3rd

In the electric class I won one heat race, came in 2nd in the second heat and in the Main I screwed up a few times and ended up 2nd. The track was REAL dirty and chunked some tires and ended up wearing a lot away on a new set of 37 tires and still couldn't get any traction.

After I got home I decided to take the engine in the T-Maxx apart and sure enough, it had seized up at one time or another and that is why when it got hot it was loosing all the compression.
So, I guess I will go to a real big block now and the only option is a pull start of which I really don't want to do, but there is no way to get a starter in there to start things, and think I will go with  real mild OS motor.