June 12, 2004 Hobby Town

First practice/race day at Hobby Town. It was a free day. The Nitro truck felt loose in the rear, but think I was just over powering it at the ends of straights. The track was about 150x80 or so wide, and real tight 15' wide and hard to see a few places for me, so I will have to work on them. Chunked a tire on the TC3, but gearing it down one helped a lot on things. They ran the Electric Trucks with the stadiums, so DeForest got me by one lap in the last one. I will just have to get used to going slower in certain places, as it handled pretty good in the S turns in the middle.

The T-Maxx felt really loose at the VRE lot, unlike week before and it has a lot of bite, but the track was a lot tighter and you couldn't sweep the corners and I had also put the diff in the front and took the spool out of the truck. Just need to work on driving better and not speed on that track

Not sure I will be running all the classes out there, need to work more on one class, but was fun.