June 19, 2004 Hobby Town Manassas

Was a nice day at the races. Temps were in the low to mid 80's. Track was a lot cleaner then the week before and they made the backstretch about 5 foot wider,.so I would say the track was about 150-175 x 95 or so deep. Same layout as before, which was hard for me to see a few spots as it was on a down hill grade, but I did ok.

I ran two classes this week, the Monster truck of which we put all trucks, electric or Nitro in the same class and the 1/10 electric tourning  class. Glen Davis TQed in the Truck class and won it also with me in 2nd and qualifying in 2nd. In the Electric class there were 4 at one time I think, but ended up just Jason Deforest of which TQed and myself racing in the mains, and I made a screwup in the backstretch in about the first lap or so and went down 1/2 lap or so and could never come back. Cars were pretty even, it was just a fact that some places were hard for me to see, but do the best I could and ended up 2nd with Jason winning the race.

Guy also hit me with a buggy in the front on the TC3 and split the body, so I had to duct tape it together. I guess it is time to use one of my new bodies soon

Nice day and tight course, and I thought the bite was good, I just over powered the track in many places with the truck. In one of the qualifying heats I ran the electric Gorilla-Maxx but it felt as loose as the T-Maxx. I ran it in low gear the whole race and think if I am going to do that I need to gear it up just a little.