June 26, 2004 Hobby Town Manassas

It was a nice day for the races. In the High 70's-Low 80's. Attendance was down from last week, but had a good time.

I was going to run my Gorilla-Maxx truck in a heat or so to see if the gearing change made any difference, but found out why it was turning itself around all the time. I had a hinge pin that had pulled through one of the bottom A-Arms and think it had been that way for a week or two and just didn't notice it. I will try to change that this week when I take the diff out of the front and rebuild it.

In the Truck Class I ran 12 laps in all the Heat races and won them, and then won the Main also. Seems everyone in the class of which was very few either couldn't start or broke.

In the Electric touring we had a few extra this week and not sure about the heats was either 2nd or 3rd in most of them from what I can remember in the first heat, and in the second heat in the first lap a guy stopped dead in the front straight on the start and I nailed him, and it knocked a ball end off, so I went a few laps down, but still made a few laps. In the main, it was pretty close, Scott Sebastian was 1st, I was 2nd and Jason Deforest start 3rd. As usual and with it hard for me to see anything I over shot one of the corners and was pretty close at one time but couldn't make it back up. Scott won, Jason second and I was third, all on the same lap and I was 10 seconds behind. Not bad for having such a hard time seeing.

They are talking about moving the track around and letting you look up on the track, rather then down, and we will be off next week for the 4th of July, even though it is the 3rd.