June 3, 2006 - Hobby Town Manassas

Started out looking like rain and was real cool in the morning, really didn't know if we were going to race or not, but once I got out there all seemed to be ok. Both trucks ran pretty good, the problems seem to be in the driver with errors.
I TQ'ed in Monster and ended up winning the main by just a hair over Jason. He changed gearing in his truck and it is a lot faster now, and ran good. One of the closest races I think we have had in Monster in a long time.
I also tried some of the new Panther slicks and the green inserts and they pushed the tire off the bead in the rear, but DID have more bite to them then the other style of slicks.

In Stadium trucks Jason Deforest TQ'ed and was driving good, didn't make many mistakes and I ended up starting second in the main and just couldn't catch him. Rear seemed to be real loose at the end of the straight, or I had too much Dual Rate into it, but that was to try to make it faster and tighter in the infield. Each week I end up learning a bit more, I geared down one tooth on the pinion and it still felt plenty fast. Also tried moving batteries around and went back to the farthest to the rear, as it was spinning a lot, or going to one side or the other, so figured stick with what works.

All in all it was a good day of racing, and going to be a close one in points all the way to the end, as with Jason's win and TQ today it puts us tied in the points.