June 6, 2004 Olde Towne 10th race in series

Today was a nice day, started out cool, in the 60's and got up into the high 70's.

I ran the T-Maxx and it felt strong in practice and thought it was going to do great, well, it didn't do that well, in the first heat race I broke a front CVD and it beat the bottoms off of both front shock bottoms. I decided to run the Gorilla-Maxx and it ran 15 total in heats, but that was 20 seconds behind Tony and he got the TQ. In the Main I ran it and finished second, going to low gear after about 3 minutes and feeling it was going to dump, but finished the whole 8 minutes and did ok I thought.

In the Electric touring some kid with a Losi XXS G with a Novak brushless flat put it on me. He was turning so much better and later I found after the races I had my radio set to 74% and think that was why I couldn't turn as sharp as him, so will kick it up next time and see if that helps. In the main he put a lap on me and was beating me by 1 to 1 1/2 a lap, running 19-20 and that was what many of the Nitro cars were running. I was running mainly 21 or so, but learning more each race. I think I will go down a pinion gear next time and see what that does.

This could have been our last race at Olde Towne, suppose to be off next week, and from there I don't know.