March 28, 2004 Olde Towne

This was the first day of the Spring season. Had a pretty good show up. I only had a tank or so through it and ran about 2 practice laps with the T-Maxx truck with the .21 Picco Engine made for the stock T-Maxx. I brought it in and it felt like it had a rough place, or I could feel a click in the front end or transmission. Well, come to find out when I got home that evening and took it apart it was a bearing on the pinion that had totally come apart right where it engaged into the ring gear. I ran the E-Maxx to qualify and it ran 12 laps and that made it 4th place, which wasn't bad for a slow 27 turn 3000 mah batteries. The TC3 felt pretty good and ran 14 laps with it in first qualifier but had a pin cushion come out of the front axle, and the hinge pin slid out the left rear. So fixed all that and was running pretty good in the second heat, and hit the wall (went to wide and broke a "A" arm, so I decided it was too much to put back together. Lee ended up only running one lap and winning the electric class since there weren't any others there. Came around to running the truck in the Main and it wouldn't start and found out the negative wire on the starter had broken. Little dumb things but kept me out.

So, didn't get any points in the truck or the electric class on the first day.