May 13, 2006 Hobby Town Manassas

Pretty good day at the track. It looked like rain and was wet from the night before, but warmed up and got into the low to mid 70's and was a nice day.
Competition is getting tight, a lot more then last year. I TQ'ed in the Monster truck by only .001 over the guy with the Revo and ended up winning that race. I either need more motor, or lower gearing in the beginning, of which I hope the 3 speed transmission might give me.
In stadium truck we had some good races there also. Gil put a 10 turn in his, and was fast in the back and Jason was strong also. I TQ'ed in it also, and ended up winning racing.
Truck was turning a little tighter this week which help in the few places I was missing out on before. Need to do a little more work on it, but was feeling pretty good.
Each week I learn more with the stadium.