May 23, 2004 Olde Towne

What a Hot day it was. Temp outside was about 93 and felt like 97. Seems all the guys with brushless motors were over heating and it was killing them. I ended up cutting more holes in my truck and in my TC3. Seemed to help the car out a little, but will try to find a fan for this week to see if that helps any.

There started out to be a few in each class but as the day went on most seemed to leave from problems. I TQed in the Electric Touring and in the Monster Truck also, then ended up only having one guy to run in the car class and I won that one plus the last guy in the truck class left after I beat him with the Nitro truck and the electric truck that kept cutting off from the heat, (but still out lapped him).

Was a good day, hot, but a good one and learned a lot. The Nitro truck felt strong, need to do a little Engine tuning on it, but was strong on the backstretch and wasn't bad in the corners and seemed to handle pretty good. The longer chassis help and going to the slick tires I think helped also.