May 27, 2006 at Hobby Town Manassas

Great day of racing. Was in the low 80's, but the track never seemed to get hot with the traction.
I was anxious to see if any of the things I had done to the Savage truck would help, and felt good in a few practice laps, but then in the main race, first lap or so was ok, but then it felt like there was no power in the back straight, and when I came under the bridge the throttle hung open, but then closed again. When it came time to run the second heat race I checked the throttle and it had a stripped servo, so I didn't run it, and ended up running the big buggy in the main and won with it. I got to start out front, as I TQed in the first heat race with the truck by just a hair. I was glad to see that Jason got his truck so it would shift, so that will give some more competition in the Monster truck class. Gil and a lot of the others weren't there, as this was Memorial holiday.
In the stadium truck class it was REAL close. I TQed in it, but couldn't hang on in the main race and Jason got me by about 2.5 seconds after I made a few mistakes, and just couldn't catch back up. Need to work more on the infield to gain some more speed there. Keep over shooting the turns, and then it takes a LONG time to catch up and you just don'thav that much room for error. I will keep making little changes on the truck to see if any of them help out.