May 6, 2006 at Hobby Town Manassas

Pretty nice day, got to the high 70's, to low 80's. I decided to try the old XTM buggy out before races just to see if I had a backup in case anything happened in the Monster class. Jason Deforest stripped first gear out on his truck, so he didn't run with us, and Gil and another guy and myself with a Revo were the main ones in Monster, as they divided it up into 2 division for Novice and us. Gil as just breaking a new motor in on his T-Maxx and ran pretty good. The other guy broke the trans in the second heat race, so we just had gil and myself in the main, and I broke the transmission in my Savage on the last race of the 2nd heat, and had to run the XTM buggy, of which felt pretty good, but I was afraid to push it real hard with the plastic housing on the diff in it. Gil's batery went out in the final, and he lost steering so ended up winning. They are doing points different this year, so I got 2 points for a TQ and then won, so got 102 for the Monster classs.

In stadium Jason and myself were pretty close in that class, with Gil a little slower in the back with a 19t bush motor and Jim Deforest just wasn't as fast. I qualified 3rd, and in the main got up to 1st, Jason knocked a ball end off, and couldn't catch back up, but was close, so since he TQed he got 2 and I got 100 for winning, so we tied with 100 a piece.

This way it is going to be so you don't even have to run all the heat races like the year before to go great and get as many laps in as you want, and you can just do a TQ and win and get 102 each time.