October 23, 2004, Hobby Town Manassas

It was the last race of the season. Started out as a cold day in the low 40's but did warm up by race time and got into the Low 60's by the end of the day. This was my first day to try the Losi XXX-S car. I must have done a pretty good setup on it, as I didn't have to change the steering, just forgot to set the steering and had to reverse the steering servo rotation of it. I ran the TC3 in the beginning with CS27 tires on it to see how a rubber tire setup would be when it was cold. It actually ran pretty good and had pretty good traction, might have to think more about this for the next year, as it would hold the setup better and the tire size wouldn't change as much as the foams do, and with the track not being the cleanest might help that also. The XXX-S had 37 shore Ellegi tires all the way around of which were fronts I had run during the year. They felt pretty good even just guessing on the setup. In the first heat race I was leading by about 3 seconds and decided to try to cut a few corners tighter and flipped and by the time someone came and flipped me back over I went about 10 seconds down and couldn't come back and finished 2nd in the first heat, and 3rd in the second heat race. Car seemed to get looser in the second heat and thought I had cut the outside of a tire so I changed the rears to some 37 shore rears Mark had run and boy was that that wrong idea. It was REALLY loose the whole race and just couldn't do a thing with it. Finished 3rd in the Main race.
In the trucks the Savage ran good and felt consistent in the First race, was a little bit more slide in the front, not really a push, just think the tires are totally worn out in the front, as they were old slicks I had run the year before, the beginning of this year on the T-Maxx and all of the time since I had built the Savage. I won all the heat races and the main race also, and ran the most laps I had ever run in the trucks and think I ran the fastest a full sized truck had ever run. It felt really good, nothing to set the world on fire with power wise, but was really consistent for a "Big Dumb Truck"

This was the end of the 2nd Summer Season and they gave trophies out. I won First in the Monster Truck class and to my surprise Rod Mitchell didn't show up and Adrian had to do better then 170 points in this race and he had a bad first heat race with his car and didn't do  but a few laps and drove Jack from Hobby Towns car in the second heat race and the Main and did well with it winning both, but I ended up winning the points overall.

They are talking about drag racing the next few weeks, might try it, just have to see how the weather and temps are.