October 9, 2004 at Hobby Town Manassas

Started out as a cool day, in the Lower 60's, but warmed up into the high 70's and was a real nice day. I took the Savage truck out and ran it in one round of practice and felt good so I put it away and waited for the heat races and mains with it. Did pretty good with it. Mark Ferris was the only other Nitro truck in the class running, and the two Deforest brothers which have picked up with their electric trucks some and ran good. I finished 1st in both heat races, and 1st in the Main. When I brought the truck in to stop at the finish of the race it cut off. I later found out that it wouldn't go backwards, and that the cluch felt locked. When I got home I found a bearing had seized on the clutch.
In electric I ran both cars in practice and the rubber tire setup with the CS27 tires didn't feel that bad, but they were on the truck that had the stock TC3 steering rack, and the other car felt like it had a bit more top end. I was running 42 on front and 40 rear tires, and it was pretty loose in both heats and finished 3rd in them, and in the main Mark Unrath gave me some 37shore 30mm wide tires that he had taken off and I ran 20 laps, 3 seconds behind Adrian that finished second. The tires were cut down a lot and geared the car a bit low from what I thought on the top end.
Only one more race to finish the 7 race Second Summer series off.
Good year, and look forward to next year.