September 25, 2004, Hobby Town Manassas

Today was a nice day of racing. It got to be in the mid 80's, which was a little higher then they were calling for, but it made the asphalt about 115 degrees which was good for traction. I decided after trying my Savage and T-Maxx in Practice that I would run the Savage. It ran pretty good and is a lot easier to drive then then the T-Maxx, even though the Maxx has a higher top end speed. I tried gearing the Savage higher, but it killed all of my bottom end. I won both heat races in the trucks, and won the main also. Glenn wasn't there and Mark Ferris gave me a good race in all of them. I ran the rubber slicks on the truck, and even though they are really getting worn out from a LOT of wear from the end of last year and some this year, they still seemed to work.
In the Electric touring class I have decided that the brushless motor is not going to beat anything under a 13 or so turn brushed motor. I ran a second in the first heat race, a close second by 3 second behind Rod Mitchell in the second heat, and qualified 2nd for the Main. Adrian Clements and Jason Deforest were behind me in the start of the race, with Rod Mitchell in front. I just didn't push hard the first lap or so and Adrian got around me. (I think this is due to a total change from the truck the race or so before, into this, as I would be letting off more in the corners with the truck, and you need to stay into the electric most all the places). I finished 3rd in the Main of electric, with Adrian 2nd and Rod Mitchell in first a lap ahead of us.
Nice day of racing, and we have 2 more races scheduled in the second Summer Season, as I think the one race that it rained out because of the hurricane and tornado is going to be a scratch, and we will go on the 5 out of 6 races.