September 4, 2004, Hobby Town Manassas

It was a nice day, in the High 80's I got to run all of my trucks and cars. Started off with the T-Maxx and it ran pretty good in the 1st heat race, came in second behind Glen. In the Second heat race I ran the Savage, first time with it to see how it ran and on the 10th lap it cut off (think it was too rich) or a combination of the diffs being too tight, and will work on fixing them. Then in the main with the truck class I got a hit on the front and it pulled the drag link off the steering servo, so there was no way to fix it and I came in 4th.
In the car class the car didn't feel that bad, needed more steering. Rod Mitchell put it on all of us with 3 more laps in the heats and 5 laps in the main. His car was hooked up in the infield. Ran more like a mod, but he said it was a 19 turn in a Losi XXX-S.
Good day for the most part and learned some, on things, that I hope I can improve on.
We had more trucks in the class, so that is good, seem to be getting a few more each week.