September 9, 2006 Hobby Town Manassas

Was a pretty nice day today, in the mid 80's Didn't have a lot show up, but had a pretty good show up for the Monster truck class.

In Stadium Jason got the TQ and the Win in the Main with me in second. It seems just one little mistake in that class and it is so hard to come back, and I was over driving it, and pushing bad in the infield area and he was killing me there, as I was faster in the back straight.

In the Monster truck class I tried the Savage, and think I got the bug problems I was having worked out, but decided to try the newest Jammin CRT truck, to see how it would run. I had only changed the Shock position and put some Panther slicks on it from when I got it with the dirt setup. It was a lot harder to drive then the Savage, as the suspension was a lot softer with more roll to it, but engine felt good and I TQ'ed with it and Won the main, so I was pretty happy, as I don't think I have even finished a Monster race in the second session.

Bad thing is this was the last race of the 2006 season, (got cut 4 races short for the new store Jack is working on) and not sure if we are going to get to race next year unless we can get a club or something going.