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Another Calculator to Find Rollout

GearWizard Calculator: Tire/Gearing Ratio Calculator

GearWizard Rollout Calculator
This calculator will allow you to determine the correct rollout ratio based on just a few inputs.
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Outer Tire Diameter
Spur Gear
Pinion Gear
Transmission Ratio : 1

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A higher rollout number results in slower acceleration and greater top speed. Lower rollout results in the opposite.
Tire Circumference
Pinion:Spur Ratio
Gearing Quotient
Rollout Ratio
Although this calculator works for most motors, some require different gearing to compensate for heat issues. Always check your motor every few minutes to see if it is getting too hot. With a properly geared motor, you should be able to hold your finger directly in the center of the can for at least 5 seconds. Anything less than that, and you are overgeared.

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