Savage SS Project

I started this project at the end of August 2004 for the Fall Season of racing.

Some of the mods that have been done to truck so far

-4 spyder gear mod
-Throttle/Brake mode to control better with Ofna linkages
-Nova Shock towers for more adjustment
-Uni-Flow mod on tank to try to even flow out
-Lundford turnbuckles to be able to adjust toe-in easier
-Ofna Steering linkage Mod with Integy Drag link
-New Era Extemded TVPs
-Rear Extended Titanium Drive Shaft
-Ofna Buggy Style Shocks
-XXTRA receiver
-Hitec 9545 Digital Steering Servo
-Hitec 9625 Brake/Throttle Servo

I am running Maximizer wheels with Rubber slicks at the present time
Stock gearing at the present time

(Click pictures below to enlarge them.)

Beginning of 2005 I found we weren't going to do any racing, so I turned it into a Basher in May of
2005, (can you believe you would hear me say that, me a basher) :-)

Below were pictures of my truck as I raced it in the End of the 2004 season

Top shot of truck

Showing the Header style tank I am using

Motor Saver Air Filter for more air

160cc tank

Showing extended TVPs, 1" longer

side shot of transmission and where you adjust it

engine, tanks and front tank

Nova Shock towers

Rear with Nova shock towers

Stock S-25 engine with stock ribbed pipe

showing all of the truck from the pipe side

side shot

pipe and LD3 tank on top

side shot of rear and towers and Ofna shocks

side shot of TVP's

Front shot of the shocks and Nova shock towers

side shot of whole truck

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