A few pictures of my Stock T-Maxx, and what I started out with.

As you will see, the stock truck is very nice. It comes with a 27mhz radio, of which I like the 75mhz better, seem to get less
interference and you have many more channels available. The 2.5 engine that comes in the newer tucks is a really good
engine and has a electric start that you put a 7.2 battery in and it will let you start the truck and fire the glow plug all in one
shot, which is really nice. The receiver takes 8 AA batteries and the truck takes 4 AA.

Click on the pictures below to enlarge them.

This is what the truck will look like with the body on it.

It comes with a decal sheet so you can customize it the way you would like

This is the truck with the decal and manuals and radio

This shows what the truck looks like from the Bottom

Close shot of the top of the Tuck, you can see all the major parts

Side shot from the Exhaust side of the truck

Front of the truck

Rear of the truck

What the whole truck looks like from the top

What all comes with it, DVD, manuals, Instructions

Radio and all other major things, like the starter tools and such.

Tag telling you about how the truck should be broken in.

BIG box the truck comes in.

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