XTM 1/6th Buggy

I decided in the Spring of 2005 to try something new. In doing this I have tried much of the rest of what is available in the R/C field and thought I would go with some larger scale.

These things are not small. It weighs in at a dry weight of nearly 17 pounds without radio gear or batteries in it.

This is the start of some of what I have in it so far.

The Buggy as I got it and unpacked it and put it on the bench.

I am using the following for radio gear.

Hitec 5945 Digital Servo which has 164.2 oz/in of Torque at 6V and .13 sec speed for the Gas and the Brake
Hitec HS-5645MG Digital Servo with 250 oz/in pf Torque at 6volts and .15 sec. speed
These are connected to a Novak XXTRA synthesized receiver with a Ofna Failsafe.
In the battery compartment I put five GP3300 batteries wired to charge with a Deans connector

The Steering Servo uses a Large aluminum servo horn that  attaches it to the steering

Well, You should know me well enough (if you know me at all) I just can't leave something alone, and decided since I was tearing the Buggy up to put Stainless screws in everything that I would tear the engine apart. Here are a few pics of it in the stock form. The ports and all were pretty matched up in stock form, but can use a little cleaning up, of which I will do and see how it does on its first run.

A look at the chassis with the engine taken off of it so I can take all apart, check over, set diff up

Big gas tank, I think it is 450cc, so it should run for some time with this

OK, I jumped a long way and went right to having a few shots of it outside by the Savage Truck

Beginning of June, I have added a few things to the buggy like the FG Big Foot tires
Routed the gas lines different, made Lexan Diff shield, Changed gearing to a 50T Diff Gear, and 14T Layshaft Gear

Gas lines have been routed the the right side of chassis

Made up a Leaxan cover to keep rocks and things out of the diff

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