LMH Corona 120 MANY Many additions and hop-up parts
Futaba 9CHP Super Synthesized System
Futaba GY401 Gyro
Mega 16/15/3 Brushless Motor
Castle Creations Phoenix 35 Speed Controller
MANY add on parts, listed Below

This was my Corona Electric Helicopter of which I just couldn't give enough time to
Ended up selling all in Sept. of 2006
Below is what all I can remember is in the Corona, (I am sure there are a few things I am missing, and will
Include them when I ship it out)

-Mega 16/15/3 Brushless Motor
-Castle Creations Phoenix 35 Speed Controller
-Corona 120 Heli
-BT Hyper Main Belt Drive System
-BT 7mm Titanium Main Shaft Kit
-BT Tail Belt Drive System (spare Belt)
-Chopper-1 Tail Boom Mount with Gyro Mount
-Chopper-1 Titanium Tail Boom (Of which he doesn't make now, said it was too much money to make)
-Chopper-1 Tail Rotor Delerin Tail Rotor Gear Box
-Chopper-1 Stainless Steel Tail rotor shaft, (Plus extra one)
-JR Landing Gear
-Battery holder so you can move batteries around (held with bands, or "O" rings
-Machined brace to stiffen crutch for no flex
-Deans Connectors for battery connection
-2 HS-81mg Servos and HS-81 for speed  for Tail Rotor
-Carbon Fiber rod for rear Rotor Control
-Extra Set of Main Blades
-Extra Set of Tail Rotor Blades
-Stock gear drive system
-Lots of other small items to make this a top of the line chopper

Below are actual pictures of the Corona, Radio, and all with it
(Click on pictures below to enlarge)
These pictures are 640x480 when expanded, so might take a little time

Pics of all that were in this package

Corona with all the mods and parts that have been added


Futaba 9CHP Super Synthesized Radio and R319 DPS 9 Channel Receiver

Futaba GY401 Gyro

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