This was some of the Old history and me racing, starting 2003

This is going to be a place that I can list a few of my projects.

I decided to get back into the R/C scene after many years of being out of it.

The beginning of the 2003 year was when I got interested and decided to start out with a T-Maxx
Truck, since that seemed to be one of the big things at the time and was a reasonable price and something I could start and build things up from there.
Well, I did just that. I started out with a Stock Plastic T-Maxx and measured all and decided that I wanted to go with mainly aluminum parts. Some I bought, others I made.

Well, it didn't take long and I decided to build a all plastic truck as I call it. This I figured would be a lot lighter, but wasn't that much, as my Aluminum truck has all SuperMaxx parts for the suspension and only weighs about 3 ounces heavier then the plastic parts (or so they say) on the same truck, but overall the plastic truck is around 1 to 2 pounds lighter.

Decided after races the first weekend in Sept. to sell the cars and all with them, so Scotty got all my car stuff at a good deal.
Working on putting a Ofna Dominator together for the Fall series, so have been working on it some. Hope to have pictures of it soon for here.

End of the Fall season around November of 2003 I decided to start on a project for the next year, which will be a TC3 Electric car so that will be what the newest project will be.