Pictures of My TC3 beginning of 2004 year
All TC3 cars and parts sold Early May 2005

(Click on pictures below to enlarge for more detail)

Different pictures of Alfa Body I will use one day (the Stratus keeps working)

Shot from the Left with Stratus Stock style Body
Top shot of body looking down
Front of Car
Rear shot of car
Top shot of chassis
showing Novak Brushless and Futaba servo and AMB Transponder
Closer shot of electronics
Close shot of Brushless Motor
Rear shot showing diff, shocks, and sway bar
Front end with 3 body post and mount for reinforcement
Front Diff and driveshaft
Showing the NTC3 steering rack mod
  Battery mod next to a stock chassis
Showing the cuts in battery slots and middle rib cuts
Stock chassis to compare to other shots
Stock chassis showing ribs that have been cut 1/2 out.
Bottom of chassis and a stock chassis
Bottom of modded chassis
Showing a stock chassis next to Mod one
Nerfs and showing the battery cuts to move closer to center

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