A few facts about the truck.

I am mainly running the Plastic RPM truck now.

Some Tools and Work Devices
Xtreme Engineering - Tuning Station Roller for tuning
Charger - Great Planes Triton, with adapters to charge all my stuff
Glow Plug Starter - Great Planes with meter
Camber Guage - RPM

Aluminum Truck
Chassis - Traxxas 4922X, 7075 T-6 Billet machined aluminum
Engine - Sirio 5 Port TX-18
Shocks - Progressive 4 way adjustable
Suspension - SuperMaxx Racer-X
Tires - TRC Park with their glued stock rims
Batteries - 1800 mah 6 volt in receiver
Radio - JR XS3 Synthesized on 75mhz
Servos - Steering Hi-Tech 945, Throttle Traxxas 2055, Transmission shift 2015
Exhaust - Ritter Racing Pipe changed to Sirio Pipe
Air Cleaner - Motor Saver for the 2.5 size T-Maxx
Front Bumper and mounts -Integy
Rear Bumper and mount - 3/16 mount and 1/4" 6016 Aluminum
Race Transponder - Fixed AMB
Body - Pro-Line F-350
Fuel - 20% Trinity Monster Power with 12% oil
Sway Bar - 1/8" stainless home made
Body mounts - Homemade 6061 Aluminum 1/4"
Front Skid Plate - Hardcore
Front Pillow Balls - Hardcore Titanium
Paint - Fastkolor
Personnel Transponder - AMB DP
Differential Cases - Aluminum Dynamite
CVD joints and Center Shafts - Proline and MIP
Forward only gear - Traxxas gear
Clutch Bell - 18T Racers Edge
Tie Rods - SuperMaxx Titanium rods with 4mm ball ends
Servo Saver - SperMaxx generation 4

New Truck built with Plastic
A-Arms - RPM
Bulkheads - Stock T-Maxx
Shock Towers - RPM
Engine - Sirio 18T
Plug - Nova Rossi Turbo #6
Exhaust - Ritter pipe, but have now changed to Sirio
Front Skid - Hardcore
Rear Skid - Generic Aluminum
Middle Skid - Generic Aluminum
Rear Bumper - RPM
Front Bumper - RPM
Bumper Mounts - Stock Mounts
Differentials - Stock Plastic Beefed up
Fuel - Wildcat Eliminator 20% Nitro, 14% Oil
Clutch Bell - 20 tooth
Spur Gear - 72 tooth
Screws - Stainless hex
Shocks - Integy Piggyback
Radio - JR XS3 Synthesized on 75mhz
Servos - Steering Hi-Tech 945, Throttle Traxxas 2055
Forward only gear - Traxxas gear
CVD's - RD Logics
Drive Shafts - RD Logics
Wheels - Maximizer X75's
Tires - TRC Park
Servo Saver - SuperMaxx Generation 4
Robinson Racing - Slipper Spur Gear Clutch (Modified, with no spring, just straight nut and custom washer)
Changed to 8 port Sirio on May 17th, They had added the ports for the exhaust so it would release sooner
Changing body to Crowd Pleaser soon

Things I have taken off, or have broken and replaced
Shocks - Progressive shocks, just too much trouble
Tires and wheels - TRC Premounted Park tires, as the wobble the inside holes out
Ritter Pipe - Toke it off as it seemed to not be able to tune for the same all the time.