Old WWII Rifle I welded up for Wall Hanger
This was a major project and was for SHOW Only
as gun was not fully restored to original firing condition
Click on pictures to see them larger  

gunbarrelanddrum.jpg (98436 bytes)
Drum and Barrel for Old Gun

gunfullshot.jpg (97752 bytes)
Full shot of gun before metal fill

gunleftside.jpg (95712 bytes)
Left side of gun
You can see how it was put
together out of 4 different guns

guntop.jpg (82189 bytes)
Top shot of gun, you can see how destroyed it was.

gunleftsideb.jpg (96900 bytes)
Left side with barrel attached

gunrightside.jpg (92292 bytes)
Right side of gun, before metal
fill and paint job

gunrightsidea.jpg (94660 bytes)
Right side with barrel attached


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