Some of my Helicopters

I was in the process of building a new mini heli at the end of 2008

It was to be a Gaui 200 v.2 full collective pitch, nice little heli

Gaui 200 v.2

Radio I was going to use with the Gaui, a Spektrum DX6i

Below is some old info
I have decided after many years of not even touching a helicopter to get back into them at the beginning of 2005.
I tried back in the early 80's with them but never got far.
Things have really advanced since then, Electric motors are much better and you can get as much power
out of the electrics you can the gas helis, at the expense of not being able to fly as long unless you spend a LOT of
money in Big LiPoly batteries.
I am having a good time in learning to fly and my first helicopter as you can see below is the XRB
Spring 2005 project is the LHT Corna 120

Things seem to come and go with me as I have time.
I Sold my Corona Helicopter and Futaba Radio and all with it in Sept. of 2006

Below are a few pics of it if you would like to see what all I had

(Click on the pics to view more about the Corona)

Corona 120 Helicopter

(Click on pictures below to view more about the helicopters)

Hirobo XRB Sky SR Lama

A few Forums you can read good info before or after buying your Helicopter
RC Groups
RC Universe

A Few Good sites to check out on buying Helicopters

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