These are a few of my projects I have had, or might still be running

2010 Projects

IMG00068-20100424-2248_small.jpg 2wd Slash
I ran this at the end of the 2009 and beginning of 2010 season
Sold to Dave Crawford August 14, 2010

2008 Projects
SportWerks Recoil Spashett Edition
1/14th Scale Recoil
This thing was a rocket and really had to drive it
Sold February 3, 2009

Associated RC18

This was the Mini I started out racing at the end of the season
Sold End of November 2008

2006 Projects
Jammin CRT Truck

This was a truck I bought at the end of the 2006 season, but never really got to run it,
Guess it can turn into a project for 2007
Sold June 2007

Savage Truck
This is my same truck I ran in the 2004 Season with a new body
Sold to Drew 5-18-2007

Main T4 Graphite Chassis truck

My Main T4 Stadium Truck I am racing in the 2006 on-road season
Sold 1-21-2007 to man in Texas

Plastic Chassis  Backup T4 Truck

This is my Plastic Chassis T4 Truck I use for my Backup
Sold this truck 8-25-2006, Hope to see it do well at races

2005 Projects as I start on them.
FG MT5 Monster Truck
This is the beginning on my FG Monster Truck
Sold End of July 2005 Before ever even getting to run it

LARGE Scale 1/6th Scale Buggy
XTM Buggy and a few things I am doing to it.

MT2 Stadium Truck
SOLD May 2005, Didn't even get a chance to race it

2004 Projects, Trucks and cars I raced during this year.

TC3 This is the car I will be playing around with in beginning of 2004
TC3 Car and All with it sold May 2005

T-Maxx for the 2004 Season
This was the truck of which I turned into a Big Block conversion and
Sold in May of 2005

My Gorilla-Maxx Electric Truck for 2004 Season
Sold all by the end of August 2004. It was a fun project

Mini-T I built to race in 2004, but a class never came about for it.
Sold September of 2004 to a man in Hawaii

T-Maxx I am running in the 2004 Late Summer and Fall Series
Sold May of 2005 to man in Illinois

My latest Savage SS Project for the end of the 2004 Season

Losi XXX-S I built at the end of the 2004 Season
Sold Mid May 2005

2003 and things I raced during this year

Stock T-Maxx this was my first truck to start with beginning of 2003
Sold beginning of Summer Season 2003. This was my Template for my Aluminum Trucks

Stock LD3 Car
Sold Beginning of Fall season 2003 along with 2 LD3 Pro kits

Aluminum Truck beginning of 2003
Sold Middle of Summer Season 2003

Second Truck 2003
Still have this one as of beginning of 2004, but will be new engine and other things.

Aluminum II in 2003  before I found out racing plastic was cheaper
Sold Mid Summer of 2003, after I decided to go all Plastic and Try a Ofna Dominator in Fall Season

Plastic II  and truck I am still running
Still have this one as of beginning of 2004, but will be new engine and other things.

Dominator  I started racing in Fall of 2003
Sold beginning of 2004 in Feb. to get funds for other projects.

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